Halloween In France: Spooky Fun Perfect For The Scary Season

Halloween In France: Spooky Fun Perfect For The Scary Season

Planning on traveling to France this Fall, here are some great places to visit both in and out of Paris, get ready to celebrate Halloween In France.

France in October and November gives the perfect fall atmosphere practically designed to celebrate Halloween.

Halloween in France coincides with the French holiday of Touissant. Also known as All Saints Day, the First of November is when the French celebrate their dead.

France is full of Old Spooky Places such as the Paris Catacombs, churches and Ministries, Haunted Houses, and Streets. Towns big and small are full of terrifying history rife with legends and tales of how those long-ago dead still walk among us.

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There will rarely if ever be a time when Paris doesn’t impress. Halloween in Paris means the streets are filled with costumes and parties and the scary tours kick it up a notch.

The Amusement Parks surrounding Paris boast Halloween-only events,

Number One on everyone’s lists is the Paris Catacombs.

Halloween In France

A Guided Tour is a must, Only 200 people are allowed in the catacombs at a time and there are over 20 Meters below the streets of Paris and more than 200 miles of maze-like tunnels and dead ends.

If you can understand enough French, Les Catacombs De Paris offers guided visits (from 10 years old) in French, and the Exhibit has audio tours available in English.

Combine discovering Paris with a Ghost Tour.

Explore The Père Lachaise Cemetery, the most haunted cemetery in Paris. Discover the tales and legends attached to these hallow grounds.

Halloween In France
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The Père Lachaise Cemetery guided by the Great Sibylle

£20 Per Person

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Père-Lachaise Cemetery Self-Guided Audio Tour App

£5 Per Person

Halloween In France
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Haunted Père Lachaise Cemetery Guided Tour

£20 Per Person

Explore the streets of Paris in an entirely new way

Using your smartphone go on an adventure to learn history and discover some of the most haunted areas of Paris. Make your way across Paris solving puzzles, and completing missions to uncover hidden treasures and history.

Halloween In France
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“Zombie Invasion” Paris: outdoor escape game

€20 Per Group Of 4

Paris: The Mona Lisa Curse Outdoor Escape Game

€7.99 Per Person

The Treasure Hunt is an 18+ adventure. Spanning 5 kilometers (3 Miles) and a fast passed race through Paris.

€28.99 Per Person

Enter A Real House Of Horrors

The Fragonard Museum, located inside The National Veterinary School, is a cabinet of Curiosities that meets a House of Horrors. In the outskirts of Paris, Among the disturbing pieces on display are Preserved for 250 years, the “Écorchés de Fragonard” (Fragonard’s skinned creatures) and 21 mummified and half-dissected corpses,

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Outside of Paris, The Thrills Continue

The Witch Festival Of Chalindrey

In honor of the 16th-century witch hunts of the Fort Of Cagnelot. The city of Chalindrey in Champagne (an hour outside Dijon) hosts the Fete De Soucrcier (Witch Festival).

This is by far the biggest Witch Festival in France, with a holiday market, tunnel of horrors, concert, and a parade to crown Miss Witch. It is no wonder people come from all over to take part in the Festival.

The Limoges Halloween Parade

Halloween In France

A cheap train ride from Paris will find you in Limoges, in the Limousin region of France. Limoges celebrated Halloween every year in 1996 with a Halloween Parade drawing huge crowds every year. The streets are full of street performances and parties, and local bars and shops dress up in costumes.  All ready for the Parade; full of ghosts; goblins and devils carrying carved pumpkins.

Explore Haunted Abbeys and Homes Across the Country

France is full of places that have stood the test of time while witnessing the horrors of history. However, some are almost bursting with ghosts and spirits.

These are also in beautiful small towns filled with culture, relaxing vibes, and history, spend the day exploring the town then have dinner in a local restaurant or a picnic.

Then when the sun goes down…. prepare yourself.

Abbaye de Mortemer

Halloween In France

In the North not far from Le Havre and Rouen sits Abbaye de Mortemer, which has been long known for its hauntings. The main horror is The White Lady.

The Chateau de Brissac

Sited as one the most haunted sites in France, Château de Brissac is also the highest castle in France.

Halloween In France

Château de Blandy-les-Tours

The Chateau located just outside Paris, is rumored to be stalked by trapped spirits. One of which is a 10th-century lord, roaming the floors in bloody clothes and a dagger


This fortress town in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence has been touched by almost every major conflict in French history, and they have left an imprint that can be felt today

Halloween In France

Château de Fougeret

“Manor of Tortured Souls” This 15th-century building overlooking the Valley of Vienne has reported dozens of paranormal phenomena. If you dare, stay for the night here, in the most haunted building in France.

The Halloween Season in France is a beautiful time to explore all France has to offer. Guided tours, exploring small towns and castles, and walking the streets and historic centers of cities are for all year round.

Come here and Enjoy it.

Halloween In France

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