Picnic Ideas To Make The Most Of The Summer

Picnic Ideas To Make The Most Of The Summer

Make the most of your summer with these budget-friendly picnic ideas.

As the sun shines brighter and the days are longer, there is no better way to celebrate summer than with a picnic.

Whether you are planning a romantic picnic, a fun family adventure, a laid-back gathering with friends, or even just a solo picnic at your favorite place.

A picnic is a perfect way to be outdoors and enjoy time with loved ones and delicious food.

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Pack The Perfect Picnic Simply

Picnic Ideas
Taryn Elliott

The key to the perfect and simple picnic is knowing the basics.

Start with a basket or bag that always has the basic, whatever that might be for you.

For us, our basket was a basic picnic basket set. However last summer we started using a picnic backpack which has been a game changer.

Picnic sets are a great start as they come with everything you need; bottle opener, plate cups, salt and pepper shaker, etc.

This makes last-minute picnics simple. Keep the set in the car and stop at a shop to buy the basics: ham, cheese, and bread, and make your picnic as basic or gourmet as you want.

It doesn’t matter because you have everything to create a spread.

Don’t forget a pack of cards or a game to round off your picnic.

Backyard picnic ideas

A backyard picnic is a fun and interesting way to entertain your loved ones with a summer dinner party. From birthday parties, and outdoor movie nights to a summer get-together backyard picnics are an easy and cost-effective, not to mention a fun way to have fun in the sun.

Shade and Cushions

Picnic Ideas

Bring out a long coffee table or simply a plank for wood and brick for a cut table for the perfect floor table.

This kind of simplicity can be as extravagant are you like. Bring blankets from inside or search your local thrift shop for second-hand blankets. Add cushions and dinnerware are you have yourself a gorgeous summer backyard picnic.

Dinner And A Movie

Picnic Ideas

Combine a backyard picnic with a movie night under the stars.

Either wait for the sun to go down and enjoy both simultaneously. Or indulge in your picnic before the movies and once the sun sets bring out dessert and have a movie and dessert picnic.

Alternatively, introduce the idea of a dessert part. Where you invited people over after dinner, for dessert

This would also be a great activity for kids’ dinner and movies wrapped up as a backyard picnic easy and fun for everyone.

Backyard Games

Picnic Ideas

Bring out your favorite summer outdoor games.

This is one of the best picnic ideas for families to enjoy.

Have everyone bring their favorite backyard games, set up a picnic area, and enjoy.

Instead of a traditional pîcnic spread create a picnic-style grazing table filled with picnic food like sandwiches, chips, and fruit.

It’s easy and simple but fun for everyone.

Pot Luck Picnic Ideas

a potluck picnic is an excellent way to gather people together. Everyone brings one picnic item giving a wide range of food.

To make sure everyone brings something different have everyone bring a different type of food i.e. sandwiches, drinks, fruit, chips, etc.

Favorite Foods

Have everyone bring their favorite picnic foods.

A great conversation starter and a good introduction to other cultures and recipes.

Takeaway and Food Trucks

Picnic Ideas
Go Rving Canada

For easier ideas have a takeaway or Food Truck potluck.

This idea gets rid of having to prepare food and set a price limit, and everyone eats family style.

Romantic Picnic Ideas

A romantic is a thoughtful and heartfelt date idea.

As well as being cost-effective a picnic date give you a chance as a couple to spend quality time together either talking or relaxing.

On the Beach

Dziana Hasanbekava

Find a private space among the dunes or sit facing the waves with wine and your favorite foods to create the perfect romantic picnic.

Add candles, flowers, and a beautiful sun umbrella and you have created the perfect moment.

Wine And Cheese

Picnic Ideas

Create a heartfelt picnic with a basket, wine, and cheese.

Spread the blanket out in a park or forest and spend time together. Time the picnic for mid-morning or afternoon to minimize the amount of food and opt for fruit wine and cheese.

Water Side Picnic Ideas

Lake Side Birthday Picnic

Picnic Ideas

Celebrate a loved one with pizzaz.

Create a comfy, shady relaxing picnic next to the water.

Deck out the space with cushions and blankets and add umbrellas if the area needs more shade.

Keep the food simple with finger food that is easy to transport and eat.

Jetty Picnic


The perfect dinner picnic idea, set up a picnic along the boardwalk or on a jetty for a wonderful end to a great day or a fun dinner idea.

Bring a blanket and eat fish and chips or local takeaway and enjoy the sunset.

Field Picnic Ideas

Side Of The Road

Picnic Ideas

Picnicking in a field is a favorite road trip lunch for our family.

Take the back roads or pick a route off the main road, find a field, pull over, and enjoy a cute picnic.

This is a great idea for when traveling especially abroad.

Since living in France we have had countless picnics in fields on the side of the road.

Destination Picnic

Picnic Ideas
Peaches And Peonies

visiting a vineyard or exploring the lavender fields in the south of France?

Pack a picnic and have an Instagram-worthy picnic surrounded by your beautiful views.

In France farms and local attractions such as the lavender fields have a picnic area for guests to enjoy.

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  • Picnic Ideas To Make The Most Of The Summer
    Make the most of your summer with these budget-friendly picnic ideas. As the sun shines brighter and the days are longer, there is no better way to celebrate summer than with a picnic.
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