14 Living Room Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

14 Living Room Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Finding living room storage for a small space can be a nightmare. From size constraints to budget and what you do or don’t need to store in your living room. All these aspects play a role in the pieces you purchase and how you use them.

From scrolling Instagram and Tik Tok you amass a never-ending collection of home decor inspiration. However, finding ways to implement these ideas seems too much.

Where do I put this, where do I put that, I have to fit spare blankets for my pull-out, important paperwork, and so many other little ( and big) things that need a place but don’t have a home.

The thing that interior design inspiration guides seem to lack is practicality, with pictures of beautiful living rooms.

However, what do you do if you don’t have a spare room or an office to store the bits and pieces needed in adulting?

What can you do about all those things if your living room is your spare room, office, storage space, and living and relaxing area?

Let’s explore some options for living room storage for small spaces from living room built-ins to Amazon living room cabinets and everything in between.

Living Room Storage Ideas For Small Spaces:

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amazon cabinets That Add living room Storage And Style

To double up on storage without adding extra furniture use your TV cabinet as storage. Spaces that have the room a simple sideboard or cabinet can add storage while creating a great space for decor.

Opt for a cabinet that works with your aesthetic. Amazon has thousands of cabinets and buffets that can be transformed into a TV console. As well as TV cabinets that are great for renters as they use up vertical space without drilling into the wall.

Remember drawers are your best friend.

Buffets As Tv Unit And Living Room Storage

Living Room Storage
Amazon – Buffet as TV console.

These buffets have a great traditional look that would work in any space from a boho or farmhouse to a contemporary style.

While having enough storage space for papers bits and pieces that are needed but don’t have to out.

Living Room Storage
Modern Buffet – Amazon
Living Room Storage
Curved Buffet – Amazon

For a style that is closer to mid-century modern and modern, fluted wood is a universally loved style. It adds interest overall and is a great storage solution.

For a small space try curved furniture, the soft edges help with the flow of a room by having less straight lines and corners that draw attention to where the furniture or a room ends.

Use cool room shelving

Living Room Storage
Photo Credit: Roundhouse Designs

Finding shelving for a small space can make all the difference in aesthetic and storage options. However, not all shelving options are created equal.

The rule is functionality and style. If a piece matches those two criteria and it will fit, you can afford it and it will improve your life then it is perfect.

Let’s look at some shelving options for small living room storage.

living room shelves built-in

Living Room Storage
Photo Source: Karina Blair

Using bookcases and upper kitchen cabinets to create a great living room with built-in shelves is a cost-effective way to create a custom look while dramatically increasing your storage. Because of the doors, anything could be stored in here. Linens could easily be stored here for a small apartment or home with limited closets.

In general living room builtiis are the perfect way to create more storage without taking any usable space.

Living Room Storage
Photo Source: House Beautiful

Building storage into the wall creates a great focal points and takes no floor space. Great for a library, a bar, and general bits and pieces.

Add doors to baskets to give yourself a wider range of storage options. Think mail that needs attention, board games or cords, and batteries that never seem to have a place.

wall-mounted shelf Ideas for the living room

Mounting shelves on your walls is an easy way to create additional storage even if it’s only for decor.

A small living room doesn’t mean decor items or keeping pieces out that you enjoy.

Use wall shelves to display your favorite things.

Office organizers for papers and supplies come in so many different designs and styles that they can discretely be hidden on a shelf with other decor.

Living Room Storage
Credit: Jason Rampe

Surrounding a window with shelves for additional living room storage that won’t use any extra space.

The area directly surrounding a window is in generally rarely used efficiently, this is a great way to take advantage of that space.

For extra window privacy add some hanging plants or gems for a rainbow effect during the day.

Living Room Storage
Image credit: Future PLC

A simple single shelf above the couch can give you much storage and look fabulous. The simplicity of a single long shelf gives minimalism but cozy vibes.

Plus you have to store your books somewhere.

Living Room Storage
Image credit: Future PLC/Joanna Henderson

Although not a traditional shelving option hanging baskets on the wall is a great storage option.

They add a bit of interest and are great for things like toys and blankets.

stand-alone shelves living room storage

Stand-alone shelves are perfect for small spaces are they take advantage of vertical space.

They are great for renters because they are a permanent addition and great for apartment living as building anything in an apartment can be a nightmare ( trust me).

These pieces are often found on second-hand websites making them cost-effective if you can find one second-hand.

Living Room Storage
Credit: Wyatt Mangum

Finding a large standalone shelf system for your living room is the holy grail of storage. TV cabinet, bookshelf, and general storage all in one place.

Large tv cabinets that can also double as storage are easy to find online and in furniture stores.

Choose one that fits your style or vibe or the space and has the needed storage.

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Find A Sofa With Storage

Living Room Storage

Having a sofa with storage isn’t a new idea. However, ensuring you have the right sofa with storage is the most important part.

Evaluate your space, what you will store in the sofa, how much room is there, and whether you need a sleeper sofa or not.

In all of our apartments, we have always opted for a sleeper sofa, they are great for a movie night and perfect for guests. A bonus is they nearly always come with storage with more than enough space blankets.

We use ours to store all our sheets to keep them out of the way.

Coffee Tables With Storage

Coffee tables are a great furniture piece for centering a room, especially in an open-plan space.

They offer another place where living room storage can be created.

Living Room Storage
Photo Credit: Chinasa Cooper

A stealer trunk or chest is a cool alternative to a traditional style of coffee table.

they work with most aesthetics from Farmhouse and vintage styles to contemporary and modern.

Living Room Storage
Round Coffee Table With Storage

Round coffee tables pair well with small spaces as they minimize corners which helps make a small room feel bigger.

Other Small Living Room Storage Ideas

While there might only be a certain amount of furniture that can fit in a small room. There is no strict rule about what these pieces are or why they are there.

There are lots of smaller and discreet options to give you extra storage in a small home from blanket ladders to under-couch storage.

Behind The Couch

Living Room Storage
Credit: Jason Rampe

Move your couch off the wall with a behind-the-couch shelf or console table.

There are hundreds of tutorials on how to DIY one that are simple and easy to follow.

behind the couch storage offers space for books, decor, and bit and bobs as well as a handy place to put your coffee.

Blanket Ladder

Credit: Minette Hand

Blankets while a cozy accessory can take up a lot of space and if not constantly arranged can create a messy look. However, a blanket ladder is a stylish yet functional alternative to store and display your blankets.

Move blankets to a ladder and repurpose the basket to store something else.

Under Couch Storage

Credit. Ikea Hackers

Having under-the-couch storage is a perfect way to utilize space that would other wise be unused.

This hack from Ikea Hackers is a great use of the space.

However, under-the-bed storage boxes would also work perfectly as well. Make sure that the boxes or baskets not only match your space if they can be seen but have a covering of some sort to prevent dust from getting inside.

Nightstand As End Table

Using a nightstand as an end table is a great idea and they are the same thing but advertised for different rooms.

Plus, a nightstand has more storage options compared to a traditional end table which generally is just a tiny table next to your couch.

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