10 Farmhouse Decor Ideas For Coffee Table

10 Farmhouse Decor Ideas For Coffee Table

This post has 10 Farmhouse Decor Ideas For Coffee Table

The Farmhouse decor style is a timeless and flexible decor choice, this is because at its core the farmhouse aesthetic is simple, warm, and cozy. Focusing on function and aesthetics equally.

Picture an old Farmhouse living room, what is on the coffee table? Maybe some coasters for the cup of tea after work, some books or magazines, definitely some flowers or natural element, and possibly the remnants of the Scrabble game from the night before.

Therefore if you are looking for ways to refresh your living room or expand on your aesthetic to elvate your home, coffee table decor is a great starting point.

Because of its cozy and welcoming feel farmhouse decor items on a coffee table add warmth and a lived-in feeling to any living room, making it a great design choice for decorating on a budget.

The great thing about farmhouse decor for a coffee table is that these pieces can be found almost anywhere. From retail stores to thrift shops farmhouse decor items are easy to find and inexpensive.

No matter your design preferences or the aesthetics in your home farmhouse decor has the unique ability to work with any aesthetics from contemporary and minimalist to vintage and bohemian styles

Let’s explore this curated selection of farmhouse decor items perfect for adorning your coffee table.

Tips, Tricks And Ideas Included In This Post:

How to use farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table

Farmhouse decor brings a warm and cozy lived-in feel to any home. It blends old and new with repurposed pieces and natural materials to bring a sense of rustic charm and simplicity into the home. 

Bring farmhouse style to your living room by elevating your coffee table with natural elements such as wood and stone, old pieces like antique jars, and distressed vintage-style trays. Add texture with woven baskets and galvanized metal trays or boxes to complete the rustic fee and add a bit of functionality.

Trays and Baskets

Use a tray or bowl as a centerpiece and place personal or seasonal items, from greenery and candles to books and board games.

Use the space under the coffee table to pace woven baskets or wooden crates that give a rustic farmhouse element to store blankets, toys, or magazines

farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table

Natural Elements

A great way to bring farmhouse style to your coffee table is through natural materials. Natural wood, greenery, flowers, and even books create a warmth that is not found in more processed decor pieces.

Remember the aim is to create a feeling of a space that is lived in and well-loved.

Vintage Accents

An easy way to embrace the vintage feel of farmhouse decor is to bring in vintage or antique pieces. Look around your home and find items that might look great on your coffee table. This is a great way to bring in your personal style and display personal items.

Height and Layers

Create dimension by playing with height and layers, and keep items on the coffee table at different heights this gives a more organic feel.

Use books, games, or magazines to give the decor items on your coffee table height.

Adding multiple items to your coffee offers a sense of organized maximalism, another way to bring in a sense of a well-loved home that is lived in and enjoyed.

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Rustic Coffee Table With Flowers farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table

farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table
B Vintage Style

Cable reel coffee tables are a fantastic farmhouse decor item by themselves. However, adding a simple vase of colorful flowers can help soften the rustic quality of the table.

Farmhouse Decor Ideas For Coffee Table With Stone Pieces

farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table
Edward George London

Embrace the warmth of natural materials like stone.

Double up your decor with a coffee table book with a farmhouse rustic aesthetic, candles, and stone or rock items.

Find your favorite pieces and display them front and center.

Round Cofee Table Simplicity

farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table
American Farmhouse Style

Embrace the round shape of a coffee table by selecting decor items with a similar silhouette.

Choose pieces that complement your space.

For example, this coffee table features a classic candle and plant combination, but with a rustic farmhouse feel that works well with the weathered vibe reflected in the armoire and the ladders on the wall.

Books, Books, And Books

farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table
Blackthorn Interiors

Books on the coffee table immediately give a living room a lived-in, well-loved fee. This is a simple, beautiful, and easy way to decorate a coffee table farmhouse style.

Find the perfect books at a thrift store or library sale, the perfect place to find well-loved books. Opt for interesting titles or covers that work for your color scheme.

Cozy Coffee Table And Extra Seating

farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table

Introduce a farmhouse feel into a family room even without a traditional coffee table. This ottoman/coffee table is perfect for a room that is used to seat a lot of people.

The vintage-style pitcher and cottage garden flowers bring a cozy, inviting feel to the room, and the woven basket acts as a catch-all for a busy room full of family and friends.

Farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table in a smaller space

farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table
 Buchanan Construction

This example of a well-loved, lived-in living room with farmhouse coffee table decor.

Even though this coffee table might seem too large for the space, it actually works perfectly.

The tray on top is practical, and the decor and the basket of books underneath all come together to create a perfect combination of functionality and style.

Classic Farmhouse Coffee Table Decor Combination

farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table
Clean And Scentsible

Realistically the average living room is not showroom-ready. Highlighting comfort over the latest trends. However, farmhouse decor can bridge that gap. A tray with flowers, candles, and a piece of decor is an easy and simple idea to garnish your coffee table.

Farmhouse Industrial Coffee Table Decor Ideas

farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table

A farmhouse industrial coffee table is a great way to blend modern and rustic styles.

Decorate with traditional farmhouse decor items that have a modern twist. Like here the golden duck and the bowl of pine cones, enhance the modern farmhouse look of this living room.

farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table in a Rustic Farmhouse Style

farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table

For a farmhouse coffee table that already fits with a rustic farmhouse aesthetic enhance the style by using vintage or antique pieces as decor.

Here the neutral tone of the space is reflected in the raw wood of the coffee table and the pile of books. While the rustic farmhouse style is brought in with the metal tray and sass coche, the perfect space for seasonal decor.

Bring your Farmhouse living room together with coffee table decor

farmhouse decor ideas for coffee table
Via Pinterest

Bring your patterns and textures from your space onto the coffee table to bring the white room together.

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