No Natural Light: The Top Hallway Lighting Ideas

No Natural Light: The Top Hallway Lighting Ideas

This post has inspiration for Hallways With No Natural Light Using Some Of The Top Hallway Lighting Ideas.

Hallways can sometimes feel like a forgotten space.

You spend more time walking through a hallway than relaxing in it. However, hallways provide the best opportunity to let your creative side out.

Paint the walls, create a gallery wall, and experiment with wallpaper and molding. A large part of this is lighting, without good lighting, your work can go underappreciated.

With the right lighting, you can change a dark hallway with no natural light into a bright and open path through your home.

A space, perfect for creating a cohesive line between rooms in your home. You can blend a rustic county-style kitchen into a modern living room with modern rustic light fixtures.

Discover Hallway Lighting Inspiration and Tips to Bring Your Space to Life.

Explore a variety of options, from budget-friendly selections to captivating decorative wall lights designed to capture your attention

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How to lighten a dark hallway with no natural light

A hallway with no natural light creates a boxed-in gloomy feeling in the space.

Introducing natural light to a space or a sense of natural light can bring brightness and the illusion of more space. Changing a dark narrow hallway into a bright light light-filled hall.

Add A Skylight For Spaces With No Natural Light

If you are in a position to renovate and a skylight is a possibility, then do it. Not only is a skylight one of the top hallway lighting ideas for creating a bright and open hallway that improves the ambiance of your home and allows sunlight to flood the space.

They reduced the need for lights in a dark hallway during the day and created warmth from the sun shining into the space.

No Natural Light
Victorian Style Skylight ( Photo Source: Victoria Balva Glass Studio)

This skylight has light and charm in this old home’s hallway. Created in a style that reflects the aesthetic of the home.

Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light
A Sun Tunnels / Tubular Skylight ( Photo By Belle Skylights)

A less expensive option is Sun Tunnels or Tubular Skylights. They are metal tubes installed on the roof that reflect the sun down into your home. Many come with solar lights that automatically give out soft lighting once the sun goes down.

Led Ceiling Lights

Led ceiling lights for your hallway are a great energy-efficient lighting choice. They also provide terrific mood lighting and can easily be adjusted however bright or dark you would like your hallway.

Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light
Classic LED Light Fixture (Photo Source: )

These LED light fixtures give a bright and warm glow to this hallway. The simplicity and classic lines of this style of lighting fit in with most aesthetics. While it suits this contemporary home wonderfully, this fixture would look at home in a Boho, Scandinavian, or Farmhouse Rustic space.

Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light
LED Strip Lighting ( Photo Source: Wired & Wonderful UK)

Install LED strips on your molding close to your ceiling for an all-over glow to your hallway with no natural light.

Layered Lighting

Give your hallway an all-around warm and comforting feel by layering your lighting. The Idea of layered lighting is to give lights more dimension. Instead of standard overhead lights, add wall sconces or picture lights to add a layer of light in your hallway.

Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light
Hallway With Layered Lighting (Photo Source: Digs Digs )

This hallway is a great example of using top hallway lighting. The wall scones anchor the doors and the picture light draws your eyes towards the end of the hallway, elongating the space.

Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light
Layering Lighting with Lamps and Mirrors (Photo credit: Future PLC/James French)

Create different dimensions of light with lamps and mirrors.

Floor Lighting

Using floor lighting to add dimension and ambiance to your hallway is a great idea. Perfect for a hallway with no natural light, floor lighting creates a sense of height by illuminating the hallways from floor to ceiling.

Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light
Photo source: Top Shopping

Floor lighting allows you the option to have ambient lighting through your hallway without using harsh lighting. 

Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light
 Photo source: Light 11

Smart lights are a great idea as they give you the ability to have a windowless hallway illuminated constantly. So, you can have the warmth and strength of the light change to reflect the time of day.

Types of lights perfect for long hallways With No Natural Light

Pendant Lighting

Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light
Photo Source: Digs Digs

Pendant lights are perfect for long hallways as they help create interest throughout the hallway. They also help bring the eye upwards to create a more open feeling. By doing this they can reduce the feeling of confinement that can sometimes come with long narrow hallways.

Recessed lighting Perfect For Hallways With No Natural Light

Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light

Recessed lighting is a great option as well, as they don’t take up a lot of visual space. However, they allow a narrow hallway to be evenly lit.

Wall sconces 

Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light

For a narrow hallway, wall scones allow the hallway to be well-lit while keeping the ceiling clear, a great option for low ceilings. To highlight artwork or doors opt for picture lighting to add visual interest to the hallway while keeping a well-lit space.

For renters, wall scones are a great option to add additional light as there are many battery-operated lights and lightbulbs available.

Perfect lighting for short hallways With No Naural Light

For a short hallway, some of the top lighting ideas are recessed or down lighting. The aim is to take up as little space as possible while still having sufficient lighting. The use of layered lighting can also achieve a well-lit but not crowded hallway.

Styles of Lighting to Match Your Aesthetic


Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light
Photo Credit: Sonya Winner Rug Studio

This modern hallway uses track lighting on the ceiling. This creates a well-lit but minimal hallway. The black metal style of the lights complements both the planter and the frames with the rug as the main feature.


Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light
Photo Credit: Kasha Paris/Idha Lindhag

This Rustic meets Farmhouse with a touch of a modern aesthetic uses industrial/vintage style pendant lights to bring all the elements in the hallway together.


Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light
Photo Credit: Polly Wreford / Claudia Bryant

This hallway embodies the farmhouse style not only with the decor but with the integration of layer lighting. The lamp will cast a warm glow throughout the space.


Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light
Photo Credit: Old And New

This is a great example of complementing a bohemian style without being overwhelming. The semi-flush lighting fixture with gold accents works well to balance out the vibrant rug while continuing the boho style throughout the hallway.


Top Hallway Lighting Ideas No Natural Light
Photo Source: Edward George London

The hallmarks of Scandinavian design are clutter-free areas with generally a neutral palette with a warmth and comforting vibe. Clean lines like these pendant lights with a warm bulb are perfect for a Scandi aesthetic. In combination with the hanging Edison bulbs at the end of the hallway, it offers a warm and well-lit hallway.

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