Decorated Hallway Ideas: Create A Visual Masterpiece In Your Hallway.

Decorated Hallway Ideas: Create A Visual Masterpiece In Your Hallway.

Let’s look at some incredible decorated hallway ideas to brighten up even the dimest passageway.

Living in an apartment or small home usually means small spaces, though, in contrast, a lot of apartments have long hallways with little to no natural light.

Particularly older places especially in Europe and large cities like NYC.

Discover the differences some well-placed lighting, colors, and texture can bring to your hallway.

By focusing on the main goal for your hallway decorating all of these ideas can easily be accomplished on a budget.

Decorated Hallway Ideas:

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A Decorated Hallway With A Favorite Pattern

decorated hallway idea patterned wallpaper

Find a wallpaper that you love and want to use again.

Continue the pattern in a different palette into the hallway to create a great flow between rooms.

For a busy pattern place the wallpaper above a dido rail to prevent overpowering the space.

A Decorated Hallway As A Work Of Art

decorated hallway ideas doors
Image credit: James Merell

Use the hallway as a way to maximize the space of rooms by opting for glass doors or no doors.

This allows light to flow in and out of the hallways and rooms and brings a visually pleasing site by using fun and colorful wallpapers.

Create A Room

decorated hallway idea room
Image credit: Kersaint Cobb

Use books and pictures in the hallway, to feel like a room instead of just a hallway.

This gives a more welcoming vibe.

Use a hallway runner to add patterns and color and bring the eye along the space to lengthen a short hallway.

Lighting Needs To Be Proportionate

decorated hallway idea lights
Image credit: Kasha Paris/Idha Lindhag

Apartment and small home living means hallways can often be long and narrow leading to a gloomy space in your home. 

Add lighting to brighten the space and give a perfect area for art.

Ensure that you have more than one light to create the illusion of a long well-lit space giving the surrounding space an airy feeling. 

Lighting needs to be proportionate to the size of the hallway.

Two Tones Of The Same Color

decorated hallway idea two tones
Image credit: Kasha Paris/Idha Lindhag

To maximize the visual space try painting two shades of color above and below a dado rail.

With complementing flooring and minimal accessories, create a calm but interesting hallway.

Timeless Is Priceless

decorated hallway idea timeless
Image credit: Gunter & Co

Classic finishings and pieces are timeless, that means as your tastes change and evolve classic pieces can work into your changing style.

Black and marble is a timeless combination of a classic piece with a large mirror and lighting and you have a hallway that can easily change with you.

White Hallways With A Pop Of Color

decorated hallway idea pop color
Credit: Anne Chicheportiche

Plain white walls will always brighten a space, especially a hallway. 

Try adding a pop of color to bring the hallway decor to life.

Pick a color that is either at the end of the hallway or that compliments the colors in a room off the hallway.

Your Favorite Things

decorated hallway idea favorite
Credit: Luke Edward Hall

Find a color that makes you happy and brings light to any dim hallway. 

Use some of your favorite stuff like posters, ticket stubs, magazine pages, or vintage posters from a vintage shop to line the walls of the hallway.

This gives the hallway a personalized feel and is an automatic conversation starter.

Lighten The Space

decorated hallway idea lights

Hallways can be devoid of light if natural light doesn’t reach that area of your home.

Opt for pendant lights and wall scones to lighten up even the darkest corners of the hallway. 

Patterns And Textures For An Appealing Hallway

Wood Framed Wall Art Minimalist Botanical

Adding rugs, art, or wallpaper in different patterns and textures while sticking to the color palette.

Will create an appealing hallway without overwhelming the space.

Create A Cozy Ambiance

decorated hallway idea ambiance

To distract the eye from the narrowness of the hallway, maximize the space visually by creating a cozy ambiance and using proportions. 

Use a console, bold rug, or statement lighting, and borrow elements from the hallway color scheme to bring warmth to the space.

Have a statement piece to draw away from the narrow hallway.

Create A Focal Point

decorated hallway idea focal point

Create a focal point at the end of your hallway with a large sentimental photo or piece of art. 

Draw the eyes down your hallway lined with photos.

A Decorated Hallway With Bohemian Charm

 decorated hallway idea boho
Photo S. Swalwell

Add some bohemian charm to your hallway space with plants with large pendant lights, rugs, plenty of plants, and some Rustic antique-style wooden pieces.

A Bold Color Choice

 decorated hallway bold color
Photo Sadolin

Like all small spaces, the hallway is a chance to be creative with your choices.

Let your imagination decide.

A bold color that compliments the rooms off the hallway to create a fantastic impact in your home.

A Decorated Hallway Using Mix And Match

decorated hallway mix match

Ditch the perfectly planned gallery wall and try an eclectic mix of kids’ artwork, raw canvases, figurines, and books.

Use a mixture of Frames, washi tape, and pegs to display the works on the wall.

Leaving you with an ever-changing wall of Art.

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