8 Small Entryway Ideas For A Welcoming Space

8 Small Entryway Ideas For A Welcoming Space

Here are 15 small entryway ideas to create a welcoming space.

Your home’s entryway is the first thing people see when they come over, so it’s important to make it look cool and inviting. You want your guests to feel welcome and at home from the moment they step inside. Pick a style that fits your vibe, and don’t be afraid to add some personality.

From the color of the walls to the type of rug on the floor, every detail counts. Be sure to choose lighting that makes the space feel warm and cozy, and add some furniture that’s both stylish and functional. With a little effort, you can create an entryway that’s both practical and stylish, and that sets the tone for your entire home.

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Accent Wall With Wallpaper

small entryway ideas - Wallpaper

Draw the eye straight to your wall by using wallpaper (peel and stick for renters).

Add interesting pegs or hooks to add dimension and something different to the wall.

Don’t forget a mirror to admire yourself when you’re coming or going.

Small Entryway Ideas – Clean Lines With A Scandinavian Style

small entryway ideas - Scandinavian

Scandinavian decor for a small entryway is a great choice.

The wooden pieces and natural tones create a warm feeling in any space.

Using natural materials for baskets and rugs brings the space together seamlessly.

Create a Shabby Chic Welcome.

small entryway ideas -  shabby chic

Wine crates or wooden crates are an excellent option, giving a shabby chic or vintage feel to a space.

Often they can be found for free from restaurants and bars and even on the street.

They are also often for sale at thrift shops and flea markets.

Small Entryway Ideas – Make A Foyer

small entryway ideas - foyer diy

DIY your entryway/foyer with a tall bookcase, emphasizing the space with different but complementing floors as the rest of your home.

Add some hooks and a bench for storage.

With frames and personal items create a separate space from the rest of your home.

Build It Your Self

small entryway ideas - build it yourself

Get your tools out and build around your front door.

Opêning your space up even more by creating your storage behind you.

Make use of your vertical space and the unused area behind your door while giving a built-in custom look.

Small Entryway Ideas That Are Simple And Pretty

small entryway ideas - simple and pretty

Taking over an entire wall next to the door, to create a simple but pretty area is a beautiful way to create a cozy entry.

This way of creating your entryway is so personable, with wallpaper and decor items that reflect your style.

A full-length mirror brings brightness and light into a small entryway, giving even the smallest space an open feel.

To make the most of small entryways always go as vertical as possible.

Ikea Kallax is an excellent idea that doubles as storage and a small entryway table.

Simple And Bold

small entryway ideas - bold entrance

Having a closet next to the door allows you to have a clear space to create an impact for your entryway.

Paint the entire space including the ceiling to give the illusion of the entryway being another room.

Placing hooks on the wall gives you easy access to jackets and accessories.

Be Welcomed Home By Your Plant Babies

small entryway ideas - plant wall

Create a wall of greenery, if your door opens onto an empty wall grab the opportunity to have an oasis as the first thing you see when returning home.

Use a curtain rod to have macrame plant hangers from the wall.

Add some wooden hooks in between the plants for coats and bags and a small bench for your shoes.

You will never forget to water your plants this way.

Having a small entryway doesn’t mean compromising on your aesthetic.

Simply adding your favorite wallpaper and a small entryway table can instantly add to your home.

Start small with your small entryway decor ideas and build over time.

Have a look at this post about Decorating On A Budget With Just The Basics to get an idea of slow decorating.

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