France in October and November: Discovering The Beauty Of Fall In France

France in October and November: Discovering The Beauty Of Fall In France

If you’re planning or thinking of planning a trip to France in October and November, it’s a fabulous time to experience the beauty of fall in France.

From its mild autumn weather to an array of cultural events and breathtaking landscapes. France is waiting for you to have an unforgettable adventure.

October in France is also the start of the Halloween Season. Many of the Halloween festivities all over France run through October and into November. Here is some Spooky Fun Perfect For The Scary Season that can be added to your itinerary.

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The Weather in France in October and November

In October, France is transitioning from summer to the cooler months of autumn. The weather varies from region to region, however, you can expect temperatures ranging from 12°C to 20°C (54°F to 68°F). 

November continues the autumn charm however it gets a tad cooler. Temperatures typically range from 7°C to 14°C (45°F to 57°F). While you might encounter some rain. This gives you the perfect excuse to cozy up in a café with a warm croissant and a café au lait.

Weather in the South of France in October And November

In the South of France, boasts pleasant temperatures ranging from 14°C to 21°C (57°F to 70°F). It’s the perfect time to explore the French Riviera, with fewer tourists and comfortable weather.

Every year the fall is getting a little bit warmer leading to 2023 being reported as the warmest fall since the early 2000’s.

France In The Fall

Unlike August, everything in France is open but without the summer crowds. Leaving you with an abundance of Restaurants, Bars, and Attractions to indulge in minus the waves of tourists

Is October / November a Good Time to Go to France?


This time of year is perfect for travelers.  You’ll find fewer crowds, better deals on accommodations, and an opportunity to immerse yourself with the locals. 

Plus, the fall foliage is simply magical. The cooler days of late summer linger in October, with cooler nights without needing a heavy coat. 

It’s an ideal time to explore France in your own time.

Best Places To Visit in France in The Fall.

So, Here are 7 of the best destinations to discover what makes France in October and November enchanting!


photography of brown Eiffel Tower at Paris france in october

france in october

Paris is a year-round tourist destination. The city remains popular in the fall months due to its cultural attractions, beautiful autumn foliage, and fewer crowds.

Explore the iconic Eiffel Tower, wander through Montmartre’s charming streets, and visit the Louvre Museum.

Cozy up in a café with a view of the Seine, after a day of sightseeing. The Fall weather is perfect for walking through the streets of Paris. Wonder comfortably between churches and tourist sites, and join a walking tour or a group bike tour.

Enjoy Fall in Paris by strolling through the Jardin de Plantes, Garden of the Tuileries, the Luxembourg Gardens, or The Invalides. All throughout Paris the gardens start to change color in October and really give out the Fall Aesthetic. 

To and from the gardens will take you along the Seine, lined by Linden and Chestnut Trees whose leaves turn into beautiful autumn colors giving Paris a very cozy vibe.

The Montmartre Grape Harvest Festival, can not be forgotten. Celebrating the grape harvest in Montmartre, Paris. Indulge in wine tastings, parades, and live music.

Having fewer tourists in the October and November months means that group activities and attractions are not as crowded. Here are some of the most well-rated tours for Paris, perfect for fall.

Loire Valley

france in october

With the crisp air, surrounded by the white wine vines and fewer people fall is a great time to Explore the Loire Vally. The Fall foliage is only made more beautiful by the near-constant backdrop of Chateaux and medieval gardens. 

With around 300 castles within the region, there is no shortage of beauty. 

Chambord, one of the world’s largest Castles is on the UNESCO World Heritage list and is surrounded by the largest enclosed park and game sanctuary in Europe. Click here for entry tickets.

Chaumont-Sur-Loire hosts an International Garden Festival every year that extends well into autumn.

Chenonceau is built over the River Cher and Azay-le-Rideau on an inlet in the River Indre, its walls rising from the water. Chateau de Ussé caused Charles Perrault to be so impressed, that he used it as the setting for his immortal fairy story, Sleeping Beauty.

Loire Valley Châteaux Pass is a 3 Chateaux Pass combining entry into Château de Chenonceau Château de Chambord Royal Château de Blois in one pass.

There are also day tours running from Paris to the Loire Valley, Click here for more information and availabilities.


brown concrete building near river during daytime

Known for its food and is beautiful in the fall, while quieter Lyon attracts arts from around the world for its food festivals and vibrant cultural scene. The Festival of Lights during October which celebrates the city’s vibrant cinema scene lights up the city with light installations all over the city.

Located in the east, Lyon is another city that is a gem when visiting France in October or any time of year. With tree-lined streets and an amazing historical center, Lyon is the place for Fall in France.


a bridge over a river
france in october

Is a wine region on the West Coast. The entire region sees an increase in visitors during the grape harvest season in the fall.

October marks the wine harvest season in France, known as “vendanges.” It’s a fantastic time to tour vineyards, participate in grape-picking, and indulge in exquisite wine tasting.

October in France and well into November is harvest season for vineyards, with the areas surrounding Bordeaux primarily vineyards, fall is full of festivals and celebrations all throughout the Bordeaux region.

Le Pressoir is an annual festival celebrating the end of the harvest season in the Entre Deux Mers wine region with plenty of concerts and fun activities.

To take in the fall foliage and fall air make your way to Saint Emilion. another well-known wine area to enjoy is the Montgolfiades de Saint-Emilion an annual festival of hot-air balloon flights organized by Le Ciel est à Toi association. The flights take place above Saint Emilion and the vineyards around it, so the sight is breathtaking. 

Foire aux Plaisirs

This is the fall edition of the traditional Bordelais Fair that takes place at Place des Quinconces. It’s a perfect activity for kids and for those who are young in spirit as La Foire aux Plaisirs de Bordeaux has it all: a big wheel, roller coasters, ghost trains, bumper cars, donuts, crèpes, candyfloss and more.


aerial view of city near body of water during daytime. nice 
france in october

The French Riviera enjoys milder temperatures in the fall, making it an attractive destination for those looking to escape cooler weather.

With the end of the harvest season, the vines through the Provence region begin to change into a sprawling carpet of fiery colors. Perfect for wandering the vines on a crisp morning or admiring from one of the peaks surrounding the area.

Swap the Lavender fields with Crocus Fields. The colder parts of Provence start their saffron harvest in October and the warmer areas in November. Visit these Saffron Farms to indulge in beautiful views and some tasty treats.

All through not the typical walking through falling leaves and gazing at fall foliage, Nice and the surrounding area is a beautiful place to visit in fall. The weather is near perfect, the crowds have mostly left and the locals have finished harvesting from the summer. Local festivals and markets are everywhere and are an important part of the culture, especially in small towns.

Click here for attractions and things to do in Nice.


france in october

Montségur, located among the high peaks of the Pyrenees, is an excellent location for seeing the autumn colors. The autumn leaves bloom in early October. There are a few greater vantage places than the summit of Mount Pog. There visit Château de Montségur for panoramic views of southern France’s fall colors.


france in october

Limoux, a charming southern French town, is surrounded by Mauzac and Chardonnay vineyards that turn brilliant colors of gold and burnt orange when the grapes are ready for harvest. The Limoux region is famous all over the globe for inventing sparkling wine, and the fall is the greatest time of year to try it fresh from the vine.

Maison Guinot, Domaine de Baronarques, and Domaine J. Laurens are some of the greatest sites to drink sparkling wine in the Limoux area. 

Overall, October and November are fantastic months to visit France. The weather is mild, the crowds are thin, and there are plenty of cultural events to enjoy. 

Whether you’re sipping Bordeaux in Burgundy, strolling along trees lined streets next to a river, or savoring a croissant in a Parisian café, France in October and November promises an unforgettable experience.

So, pack your bags and immerse yourself in the magic of France’s fall. 

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