International Travel Essentials: Your Ultimate Budget Guide

International Travel Essentials: Your Ultimate Budget Guide

Our guide is here to bring international travel essentials to the forefront, offering practical advice and international travel packing tips. Prepare to streamline your packing process and embark on your journey with confidence.

From affordable travel adapters to clever organization hacks, we’ve curated a list of budget-friendly international travel essentials to ensure you’re well-equipped without draining your wallet.

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Before Everything – International Travel Essentials

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Health Insurance

Travel insurance is without a doubt an international travel essential, look for one that will suit your needs and the area you are traveling to.
As there are a multitude of insurance companies prices and plans are pretty competitive.

Passport Validity

Ensure you check the passport validity requirement for your destinations. The EU for example requires a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after the date you intend to leave the EU.


Apply for and have all your papers ready to go. Some countries require you to apply on landing for your visa, research in advance, and have everything ready to go.

Travel Money Card

Organize to get a travel money card, alternatively ensure that you have a credit card with no international fees. Travel cards are debit cards that are loaded with one or multiple currencies.
They are available from most banks, however, the most popular Travel Card that I’ve found is Wise.

Download An E Sim

An e-sim is the best way to stay connected while overseas.
Holafly has the best deal on unlimited data but there are many alternative providers. Download the sim card before you leave and activate it once you land at your destination.
They are perfect for Europe as hotspots are not common and free WIFI while included in hotels and hostel stays, is not always the best speed or is only available in the lobby.

Download Local Language And Maps

Download the local language on Google Translate, for the times when the connection is bad such as at an underground metro station. At the same time download local or country maps.

Travel Essentials: Partnered Resources

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342x342 Beach Chair

Want to make the most of your travel budget abroad? Dive into this comprehensive guide for essential items needed for any international trip! – International Travel Essentials: Your Ultimate Budget Guide

International Travel Essentials – Things To Pack

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Travel Adapter And Converter

A universal adapter is a must-have for international travel. A small one like this that has multiple USB charging ports is perfect for charging most electronics.
However, if you are traveling from the U.S. and want to bring you hot hair tool you will also need a voltage converter.

Power Bank

Ensure your phone is always fully charged with a battery bank.

Document Organizers

Keep all your documents together in a travel organizer. For easy access when needed.
Utilize the safe in a hotel room or find a safe place to keep your important documents at your accommodation.

Packing Cubes The Ultimate International Travel Essentials

Packing cubes are indispensable for any traveler to streamline their packing, stay organized, and make the most of available luggage space.
Especially if flying on low-cost airlines, fit more into a smaller bag.

An alternative to packing cubes is mesh laundry bags. They are cheaper than packing cubes but can’t hold as much in each. However, when washing clothes you can keep your clothes in the bag to protect them when using a communal washing machine.

Jewelry Case

Although not an international travel essential for everyone. Those who enjoy jewelry will find a jewelry organizer a must-have.
Having a small hard-case travel jewelry box keeps your pieces protected and organized in your luggage.

Cable Organization

Cable and charger organization is a must when traveling.
Cable Organization Cases are very useful for keeping your cables and chargers together in one place.
However, I have always used twist ties and a pencil case.

Flight Personal Items

Having personal items, in the correct size for every airline can be a headache.
Personally, living in France we fly solely Ryan Air. Therefore having baggage that fits the smallest requirements is the easiest way to go.
A lot of times once you reach your accommodation you can empty the “personal items” and use them as a day bag.

Luggage Scale

Small and light luggage scales make check-in easier and faster. By weighing your bags before arriving at the airport stop the frantic rearranging of items at check-in.

On Flight Comfort

An eyemask and neck pillow are an international travel essitals
An eye mask and ear plugs or headphones are perfect for hostel stays or budget hotels. While a neck pillow is needed if you are catching a lot of transport like busses and trains.

Bluetooth Transmitter

If you have wireless headphones of any kind a transmitter is helpful. It is great not only for the flight to avoid using airplane headphones, but you can also use your headphones for audio tours.

Day Bags

Having a small bag that can be used during the day while exploring makes things easier.
If you are tight on space a foldable backpack or a tote bath both take up minimal space once folded away. But have the space for a water bottle, a picnic, beach items, or extra clothes especially if exploring a city in winter.

Microfibre Towel

Microfibre towels are great for budget travel.
Hostels don’t always provide towels and I have encountered hotels with terrible towels so bringing a towel with me was a lifesaver.
Perfect for beach days or as a blanket on a train or short flight. They fold down to almost nothing and dry within an hour in the summer.

Reusable Bottle

No matter the season a water bottle is a must. Not only for the airport but also while exploring.
It’s a good idea to have a light water bottle to keep your bag comfortable during the day.
Finding drinkable tap water in the cities can be hard however, especially in France “eau potable” is becoming more readily available.


Taking a collapsable container is the number one budget travel hack.
Keep your leftovers from your picnic lunch and prevent open packets of cheese from floating around in your bag.
Save food from breakfast as a snack later in the day.
These are heat resistant which is great for hostels and hotels with a kettle available.
Travel cutlery comes in very handy.

Playing Cards

Card games are small and a great and fun way to pass the time.


Traveling with an e-reader is great for travel days and chill days.
If you do not want to buy an e-reader then download Kindle Unlimited or Kobo on your phone and have a book available to you that way.
Audible is another great option.

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