Eco-Friendly And Self-Sufficient Living Guides

Eco-Friendly And Self-Sufficient Living Guides

A one-stop shop for guides and courses on self-sufficient living. Such as homesteading, growing your food, generating your power, and more.

With the growing movement towards reclaiming a simpler, more sustainable existence. Now is the perfect time to discover how self-reliant you can be.

Gardening and self-sufficient living stand as timeless practices that not only reconnect us with the earth but also foster a sense of independence and resilience.

Let’s explore this selection of eBooks and courses. Full of valuable insights into self-sufficient living and homesteading practices.

Learn tips and tricks about living off the grid. Where self-reliance meets the joy of nurturing your garden, even if it’s on as little as a 1/4 acre of land.

Whether you’re a seasoned homesteader or just dipping your toes into the waters of self-sufficiency, these resources cater to all levels of experience.

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A Course For Lifestyle Gardening

Self-Sufficient - thrive garden freedom

Thrive Garden Freedom is a micro course focusing on lifestyle gardening.

  • Designed to help you use your space, time, and budget efficiently.
  • great for beginners and experienced gardeners wanting to improve harvest yields.
  • Comes with Video Shorts
  • Included in the course is a digital workbook
  • Great Price Of $57

Get Closer To Being Self-Sufficient with Fun And Functional Gardening

Self-Sufficient - fun and functional gardening

The Fun and Functional Gardening digital download aims to help you bring your garden from a part-time hobby into a productive growing experience.

  • Perfect for beginners to homesteading and home gardening.
  • Colored pictures and clear instructions for over 75 DIY projects.
  • Ideas and guides to turn your home into a profitable homestead.
  • Guides for chickens, rain collecting, and much more.
  • Available for $14.99

Create your own environmentally friendly energy source

Self-Sufficient - biogas

The “Biogas in the Garden” digital download. Help you learn how to create Biogas from your food scraps.

  • E-book with step-by-step instructions, drawings, and sources to build a small biogas plant in your garden.
  • Use biogas for hearing and cooking.
  • Create an environmentally friendly energy source
  • Help you to reduce energy costs.
  • For $19.90

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How to Become Self-Sufficient on ¼ Acre

Self-Sufficient backyard

The “Self-Sufficient Backyard” is a comprehensive resource that offers around 100 tips and secrets to save money by being self-sufficient.

  • Full of pictures, diagrams, and helpful information.
  • Save more on electricity, food, utilities, and home repairs.
  • Learn skills in self-sufficiency, sustainable living, and how to save money by living with the land.
  • With a free Aquaponic Gardener guide
  • Tips on how to find free land in the US
  • Plus more cost-saving techniques for $37

be self-sufficient with a bundle of 5 books

Self-Sufficient - going green bundle

The “Going Green, Big Collection” Bundle is a collection of five e-books focused on various aspects of sustainable living.

  • There are 5 books included – Going Green Basics, Going Green Construction, Going Green Energy, Going Green Foods, and Going Green Waste.
  • Learn about eco-friendly strategies, energy-efficient construction, sustainable energy, and more.
  • A valuable resource that covers the main 5 areas of sustainable living.
  • Discover ideas and practices to help reduce your environmental impact for $ 22.99

ward a greener lifestyle.

Guide To Building A Successful Greenhouse

Self-Sufficient - greenhouses

The “Growing Greenhouse“, is a guide on setting up and maintaining your greenhouse.

  • Techniques and guides for growing a variety of plants
  • Perfect for beginners
  • A to Z of how and where to build a greenhouse.
  • For $14.99

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