Low-Waste Christmas Crafts: 14 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Everyone

Low-Waste Christmas Crafts: 14 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Everyone

Gather family and friends together to create these low-waste Christmas crafts.

To reduce your waste consider reusing items from around the home, ranging from toilet rolls to fabric and newspaper to wrapping paper.

Whether you’re a DIY beginner or a family looking to create together these low-waste Christmas crafts ideas will inspire you to create sustainable Christmas pieces.

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1. Ribbon Ornament

These ribbon ornaments are great for older toddlers and for helping fine motor skills.

Firstly enjoy a walk or play and collect twigs to create these precious little ornaments. Then head to the thrift shop or your fabric and ribbon stash to gather either pieces of ribbon or spare fabric.

Clothes that kids have grown out of that are too good to throw out but too stained to give away or sell ( we all have that pile ) work great.

2. Candy Cane Reindeer

This Cute little reindeer craft is great for all ages. It involves using pipe cleaners and googly eyes which are a staple in most craft bins.

3. Tissue Paper Christmas Wreath

You can use an empty cereal box to create the wreath shape and colored or crepe paper, you and your kids could create this adorable wreath to hang around the home.

Create small wreaths to use as Christmas decorations.

For a more sustainable option, use old wrapping paper or newspaper.

4. Reindeer Food Cones

Draw a Reindoor Face on cardboard or paper, alternatively, draw a lovely Christmas-inspired pattern. Roll into a cone shape and fill with bird seed. Leave them out for the raindeers (and the birds) to enjoy.

They are also a great way to gift Christmas chocolates to neighbors or guests.

5. Christmas Stamped Paper Bags

Becky Stayner

Share your Christmas cookie with loved ones in these adorable Diy Gift Bags. Simply let them go wild or methodical on paper bags with Christmas stamps to create personalized bags.

Acrylic or craft paint can easily be used will rubber stamps.

Consider adding numbers to the bags to easily turn them into an advent calendar.

6. Christmas Character Pots

With some mini pots and the leftover pip cleaners, poms, and googly eyes from the candy cane reindeer make some Christmas character pots for candies or mini succulents.

Paint the pots and add some embellishments like some felt fabric, or cotton wool for Santa’s beard or elves hat.

A little tip, a hot glue gun is usually used but double-sided tape works just as well.

7. Mini Canvas Ornament


Perfect for small children but also great for the whole family, with mini canvas draw or paint with Christmas colors. If you brave enough add some glitter for Christmas sparkle.

Glue a ribbon or twine at the top and Voila you have a precious keepsake ornament.

Do this every year as tradition and have a timeline on show each Christmas.

8. Filled Ornaments


Using plastic empty ornaments, gather up any leftover craft bits and pieces. Or anything small and light enough to fit in the globe.

Re-do them each year, by lightly taping the ornament shut and emptying each year to put in new fillings.

9. Yarn Christmas Tree

These little Christmas trees are easy and adorable. Cut out triangles from cardboard and wind yarn around them then gue pom poms as ornaments.,

Another great hanging decor item that could easily be a garland.

10. Twine-Wrapped Toppers

Adorable gift toppers created with cookie cutters wrapped in twine and attached to gifts or hung on the tree.

Cookie cutters are abundant in thrift shops all year round, last for years and can be used over and over again.

11. Paper Chain Christmas Garland

Photo: Wrappily

Good old-fashioned paper chain. These garlands can be made from catalogs or newspapers. For a distinctive Christmas look use old wrapping paper or christmas themed scrapbook paper.

It’s an excellent idea to do it together as a family or even a group of friends while watching a Christmas movie. Join them all together at the end to create a giant garland that stretches across the room or further.

Using non-plastic paper means you can recycle the chain or place it in the compost. An even better option is to use the paper chain to make your own paper to create another chain next year.

12. origami stars

Follow this tutorial to learn how to fold these stars: Origami Star Tutorial

Origami stars are easy to fold and create a lovely Christmas decoration. They can be made from any paper, whether it’s leftover wrapping paper, newspaper, or scrapbook paper.

Use a hole punch to thread twine through and create a garland. They would look great hanging from the ceiling.

13. orange garland

A favorite no-waste ornament of many, they smell amazing and can last at least a couple of years as long as they don’t get damp. They can be put in the compost when you’re done with it.

You can use your dehydrator, oven, or air fryer at 200°F (95°C) for about 2 hours, although they can take shorter depending on your appliance.

Poke a hole in while still warm and thread string through to make a single ornament or garland.

14. Paper Tube Flowers Ornaments

Every time your toilet paper runs out, make an ornament or collect them over time and sit down together to make them in one go.

Cut 1/4 inch (0.5 – 1 cm) strips from the paper tube, fold them in half, and glue them together to make a flower shape (or snowflake). Add a shiny pom pom or other embellishment and a ribbon or string to hang on the tree or wherever you want.

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