Aesthetic Christmas Living Room Inspiration: 22 Simple And Festive Ideas

Aesthetic Christmas Living Room Inspiration: 22 Simple And Festive Ideas

Welcome to “Aesthetic Christmas Living Room Inspiration: 22 Simple and Festive Ideas.”

The holiday season is all about warmth, joy, and making your living space feel like a haven of Christmas cheer. Whether you’re a fan of classic red and green, modern minimalist designs, or something entirely unique, this post will offer you 22 curated ideas to spruce up your living room.

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Using Your Shelves

For a cohesive look throughout your living room, consider placing pieces in and among your shelves. White figurines and books, along with copper bells for a bit of shine, can work wonders.

Boho living room

To create a festive boho-inspired living room, use pampas grass and bottle brush trees with natural materials like a wooden bead garland in neutral to pink shades.

red and green

Alternatively, stick to the classic red and green color scheme.

Allowing the Christmas tree to be the main decor point in the room, while subtly adding wreath and garland to the mantle along with lovely cone Christmas trees.

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classic living room

While it’s nothing too fancy or bold, this living room is beautiful in its simplicity. Christmas blankets complement the Christmas decor on the coffee table, bringing the room together with the wreath on the wall and garland on the fireplace.

Traditional elements

There’s no need for a total festive redesign; instead, focus on traditional elements to bring Christmas straight into your living spaces. Add plaid accents and cozy blankets to create a beautiful living room for Christmas.

Bold And Colorful


Embrace the bold, colorful elements in your living room and continue them into the Christmas season. Choose a bold color that complements your living room; for example, here they chose a bold pink. Place pink ornaments on the tree and on the mantle, and use the same color ribbon to hold the wreaths. This creates a cohesive space that melds everyday decor with Christmas decorations.

Playful Living Space


This is a great choice for a playroom/living room. Make the room simple, while retaining the playfulness of the space. Use the Ikea unit to display wooden Christmas trees and a simple tree with handmade ornaments. The addition of a red blanket brings a very festive feel to the area.

Christmas Artwork


Replace some of your usual artwork with Christmas-themed works. Even better like here place a large artwork that works well with the room.

Small Space Christmas


Prop up a small tree with an antique sled to create an area for the Christmas decorations. Using paper ornaments and bead garland to trim the tree gives the tree a light but full look.

An added aspect the the sled is this creates more space for presents, to prevent them from covering the floor.

Child Wonderland


Perhaps better suited for grandparents, styling a room around jars of candy canes and Christmas candies can be a charming idea. Additionally, having small trees and placing them higher on window sills and tables is both practical and stylish. If you have chairs with changeable covers, incorporating a red, white, and blue cover works great for the Christmas season, making it a versatile choice beyond Christmas decor


Ariel Garneau

A great example of using seasonal decor that complements your home style is seen with these ceramic Christmas trees on the retro credenza. They perfectly match the space while adding a touch of wonderful Christmas cheer.

Incorporating Existing Fixtures

Justin Jordan

Drawing inspiration from permanent fixtures in your space is a fantastic way to not only decorate seamlessly but also infuse interest into the area. For instance, try mirroring the bursting star chandelier with the star lights on the mantel to create a harmonious and eye-catching look.

Subtle Elegance

Serena And Lily

Remember that you don’t need to decorate your whole living room; instead, carefully placed garlands can provide just the right touch of cheer.

Colorful Festivity

Jennifer Griffin

For a cheerful and budget-friendly idea, consider using a party banner as holiday decorations. Combine it with colorful trees and miniature houses to create a colorful and bright Christmas atmosphere.

Aesthetic Christmas Living Room With Ornament Scattering


To make the most of your ornaments, distribute them strategically throughout your living room. Create a delightful sprinkling of decorations around the room while utilizing ornaments you already own.

Greenery Enhancement


Another option to consider is the simple idea of adding greenery to pre-existing vases and bottles in your space. You can bring it all together with a wreath or garland draped over the window for a touch of festive elegance.

Shining Stars

Elevate your living room this Christmas with hanging stars in your living space. Achieve this look with a mix of metal, paper, and wood stars.

Mid-Century Modern Inspiration

Even mid-century modern living rooms can be enhanced by following through to Christmas. Try using nontraditional colors, ceramic trees, and figurines along with a berry wreath on the wall

Simple And Budget Friendly

A simple and budget-friendly decoration idea for Christmas is placing simple wreaths on walls or windows, with little potted trees dotted around the room. This gives a Christmas feel without being overwhelming.

Christmas Decor Using Pillows

Using pillows to create a cozy seasonal feeling. Changing throw pillowcases to a Christmas theme either subtle or obvious.

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Floor To Ceiling


Extend the ceiling-to-floor decorating to follow the theme of the Christmas tree through to the mantel and the windows. Continue the ornaments to the ceiling with large paper ornaments hanging in the room.

Bringing The Room Together With Gift Wrap

Firstly, let the tree be the main point of the Christmas decor in the room. Then, use the wrapping paper to bring the room together, further making the tree the focal point of the room. When you set up the tree, use the gift wrap on empty boxes to instantly create a cohesive space.

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