The Best Desks For Small Spaces: Sleek & Space-Saving

The Best Desks For Small Spaces: Sleek & Space-Saving

This post explores Desks For Small Spaces With desk inspiration that seamlessly blends style and functionality while keeping the footprint minimal.

Say goodbye to cramped corners and hello to a desk that complements any room, be it a wide hallway, an entryway, or your living room.

Discover ideas to help you find the perfect space for a desk or mini office.

Turn your pantry into a discreet yet spacious desk area, find the perfect desk to fit any available space, and ideas to fit an office space into any room in your home.

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Desks For Small Spaces With In Rooms


A small desk in the corner of your bedroom combined with floating shelves is a terrific option. With document organizers and binders to store documents, you can easily create an office space in a small room.


Use any available space as a desk. This book in a kitchen has everything a desk or office space needs: a counter space, drawers, and storage as well as a lot of natural light.

Nancy Mitchell

Between the wall and the couch, this vintage-style extendable desk fits and looks great. With storage above and a lamp for the desk this space while small has everything you need. 

The Perfect Desks For Small Spaces Are Mounted On The Wall


For small spaces, a wall-mount desk could be the perfect option. As they take up no floor space, can be closed when not in use and any comfortable chair can be used.


Please a shelf desk in an unused corner for a small but functional desk. Gain storage by utilizing the walls with clear shelves and document holders. 

Future PLC/Nick Smith

A simple wooden shelf placed under a window is a beautiful and easy way to add a desk to a small space without interrupting the flow of the house.

To Minimise Footprint Opt For a Narrow Desk


The design of this desk doesn’t take up much space and comes with storage. Ladder desks are narrower than the average desk which makes them perfect for fitting in small spaces. Great for a space such as a wide hallway or entryway. 

A narrow desk at the top of the stairs is a smart idea. The landing area is usually only used as a passageway but add a narrow desk and you have a work space instantly available without disrupting the movement of the space.

Use Nooks And Unused Space To Create Desk For Small Spaces

Future PLC/Tim Young

Use the often wasted space under the stairs. Particularly in a small home using any unused area is important to avoid cluttering the space with pieces. However, a desk space like this one has very little impact on the flow of the home and adds interest to the previously unused space.

Cathie Hong Interiors

Another great idea for using any available space. This desk has been installed wall to wall in a window niche giving perfect natural light and a light and airy office space.

Arbor & Co.

Find a space that could be better used to house a desk or mini office. This pantry-turned desk is out of the way but provides adequate space and storage. 

Hallways and Entryways Are Perfect Areas For A Work Space

Hillary Jeanne Photography

This entryway office is made possible with some clever furniture choices. A fold-down desk for extra counter and storage when needed. Combine with a narrow desk and bookshelf combinations that when the chair is rolled in takes up minimal space. While still having space for entryway necessities like a coat rack and shoe storage.


This beautiful desk fits in perfectly with the space. The tone of the wood and the style flow wonderfully with the texture and color of the walls. The art and the chair only added to the simple but beautiful desk that is perfect for a small space.

Erin Derby

While this desk situation might look large it is actually in the entryway of a Brooklyn apartment. By using all available space including under the desk by adding a bench to act as an under-desk shelf.

Use Your Home Aesthetic



For a boho feel, combine a small desk in a natural wood tone with wicker and natural elements like this cactus. 

This Post has more Boho inspiration.


Especially in an apartment or small home fitting your work space into your home can be difficult. Use items you already have or opt for alternatives like this small table in place of a traditional desk. It fits better in the space than a desk would and doesn’t take up any more space.


A mid century modern style secretary desk is perfect for when you are short in space. Creating an office space in a small home can be a challenge. However, opting for cool eye-catching pieces that match your aesthetic helps bring the space together

Click her to discover more Mid Century Modern Content

Desks For Small Spaces: Alternatives


If your space is just not going to fit a desk no matter what. A rolling cart is a great option. Most carts can fit a printer on the bottom shelf and they hold a lot of items for their size.


DIY your fold-down desk from an existing shelving unit or bookcase.


Future PLC / David Giles

A desk with a pull-out keyboard tray that had been installed to look like a built-in is a great idea. This space is seamless when not in use and doesn’t take up much of the room when being used as most of the desk is flush with the wall.

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