Two-Person Home Office Layout Ideas For Small Spaces

Two-Person Home Office Layout Ideas For Small Spaces

This post offers 15 Two-Person Home Office Layout Ideas for Small Spaces to boost productivity and comfort.

Working from home has become more common over the last few years.

with the increase of remote work comes the need for more and more people to require a home office or at least a space to work that is organized and available for them.

Here we have compiled a list of home office inspiration perfect for two people to use from a hallway two person home office to great ideas on how to turn a guest room into an office perfect for two people.

Two-Person Home Office
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One Long Desk For Two People

An excellent option is to create a “Working Wall”, consider taking up a wall from corner to corner and implementing vertical storage and one long desk for both of you.

Having two minimalist desks pushed together along a wall keeps a clear walkway and space for everyone to move around.

This is an excellent example of using vertical space to create a productive and beautiful space. With enough storage for two people and areas to add personal touches.

This small home office is a great use of space. By creating a home office area in the bedroom space and consequently leaving the living space free from work.

Home Office In The Bedroom For Two People

Having limited space doesn’t mean you can’t have a home office, utilize space in your bedroom to create a cozy and functional working home office.

A practical idea for your space might be to utilize little spaces around your room. Opting for small individual desks that work together in the space. Place each desk in a space where it might fit. Whether it is under a window or in a corner. There are no rules that say a home office must have two matching desks.

Source: Bolig Magasinet

This gorgeous home office for two set up uses the bedroom’s aesthetic to create a cozy and quaint vibe while still having space for two.

Designer: Murs & Merveilles

Combine closet space and desk space into a modular piece spanning from wall to wall.

Two People Home Office In A Guest Room

Utilizing the space in a spare or guest room is the best option for a home office, especially in a small space. With a sofa or day bad placed in the space and desks strategically placed to leave have an optimized amount of floor space

Another excellent example of utilizing the space available. Positioning both desks in the corner allows more than enough space for everyone and for the sofa bed to pull out easily.

Using a long workspace running along one wall and pushing a day bed into the corner maximizes the space in a small room.

Two-Person Home Office
Design and photos by Christy Johnson

This is a terrific layout for a home office that suits the whole family. By utilizing the space along the wall for two desks and placing a table vertically in the middle to create a space for children to do homework or crafts. Gives families a chance to be together even if both parents are working.

Use Any Available Space As A Double Office

Create a built-in office space for two by utilizing the dead space often overlooked at the bottom of stairs. Having a built-in look helps the space feel more intentional and part of the home. Another great option for a small space.

Source: RNDR Studio

Using a wide hallway is a great example of intentionally using a space, with a floating desk or a long desk. This creates a working space that doesn’t tack up any usable space in your home.

Creating a space under the stairs is a great alternative especially if you live in a small house. With jobs that only requires a a laptop or only one screen having smaller desk are a great alternative to large ones.

Living Room

Using your living room is the only option for some, and what a lot of possibilities in such a space. From blending a home office space into your living room making it almost invisible to creating a designated office area.

Designer: Christophe Vendel

Great for blending into your space, using existing bookcases and with a desk on top and funky chairs to bring the aesthetic of the lounge room together.

This example of a home office in a living room is great for versatility. Easy to remove and easy to repurpose if no longer needed as a home office.

Credit: Max Maloney

Stay in the comfort of your living room but now have a designated spot just for working. Also, a great idea if you are running out of wall space or if one needs a specified working area and the other can float around.

Create An Office Niche Out of a tiny space

Using any niche or small room as an office, by placing the correct-sized desks in a functional layout you can create an office space for two.

Two-Person Home Office
From: Heather Banks

With well-placed desks and beautiful decor, this pantry-turned-offie uses the window to cover the space in natural light.


Even the smallest of apartments often have a space that is too small for a room, which usually becomes a closet. Alternatively, create a workspace for two using the wall-to-wall desk and vertical storage.

Check out his post here on ways to maximize space in a small bedroom.

Two-Person Home Office

Working from home might not require you or your partner to have a designated work space, i.e. no need for a backdrop for Zoom calls or multiple monitors. Therefore working from the kitchen table could be the best option for you.

Improve your setup with furniture close as storage for your work items. To give yourself a space that stores everything you need in an easy-to-reach and easy-to-pack-up space.

Two-Person Home Office

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