20 Quick And Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas

20 Quick And Easy Elf On The Shelf Ideas

This Post has 20 Quick And Easy Elf On The Shelf ideas great for last minute or a lazy night.

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The Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition that revolves around Scout Elves who fly to the North Pole each night to report to Santa about children’s behavior.

The tradition began with Carol Aebersold and her twin daughters, Chanda Bell and Christa Pitts, who self-published the book and elf kit in 2005.

The Scout Elves arrive in homes in a keepsake box set that includes a storybook explaining their purpose. The rules are simple: don’t touch the Scout Elf, as they will lose their magic, and they must return to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

Each night, the Scout Elf lands in a different spot in the home, inspiring creative “elf ideas.” The tradition is flexible, allowing families to make it as over-the-top or laid-back as they prefer.

Parents often seek inspiration from social media for creative elf placement ideas. In fact, the tradition aims to encourage good behavior in children and create lasting memories for the family.

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Easy and Quick Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Bathroom Mirror Messages

Elf On The Shelf

Writing on the mirror with toothpaste is a fun and easy elf-on-the-shelf idea, not to mention easy to clean. Simply use glass cleaner and a paper towel and presto a clean mirror.

The great thing about this idea is that it can be easily repeated with a different message.

Play Twister With Your Elf on the Shelf


Stage your elf and his friends to play a hilarious game of Twister. Another idea that takes less than a minute to set up is to create a fun scene for the children to wake up to.

Here are the Twister printables.

Your Elf on the Shelf Raids The Closets

Elf On The Shelf

Consider having the elf have a quick raid of Barbie’s closet and try on her clothes. Scattered some clothes around the elf create a bit of “mess”. Alternatively, if you don’t have Barbie or doll clothes readily available a quick stop at a thrift or Dollar store for some cheap and easy doll items. Either sell or donate after Christmas.

Elf On The Shelf gets breakfast ready

Photo: Christi Young

Set up breakfast the night before, including a little note from the elf. Have the elf sitting close to the plate ready for your child to come downstairs for breakfast. This is another one that could easily be repeated with a different note and breakfast.

Opt for a “naughty” elf plate with a couple of things your child normally wouldn’t eat and see if the elf can encourage them to have a try.

Elf on the Shelf Reading a Book

Elf On The Shelf

Pose your Elf on the Shelf reading a book. Either a book your child already knows or a new book, combining Elf on the Shelf and a present.

Funny Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Indulging in a much-needed sprinkle bath

Jessie Day

Set up a scene where your elf is taking a sprinkle bath, using a shallow bowl and a couple of packets of sprinkles.

Stuck Outside

Create a scene by tapping the elf on the outside of a window (on a clear day). Fashion string in the shape of a harness and leave him to be found.

Graffiti Elf On The Shelf

Elf On The Shelf

Stage next to “graffiti” using whiteboard markers and a picture or artwork. Have fun and scribble or draw all over someone’s face.

Elf on the shelf Missed the Toilet

Photo credit- onecrazyhouse.com

Tried and true potty humor never fails. Place your elf on the edge of the sink or toilet and place slightly melted chocolate chips under them. Subsequently, enjoy the laughter as the kids discover the “elf-made” mess.

Elf On The Shelf Is Pack And Ready

Elf On The Shelf

Create a scene where your elf is packed ready to leave for the North Pole. This is a perfect idea for the Elf on the Shelf last morning.

Elf On The Shelf Ideas For Children Under 5

Sprinkle Angel

Have your elf create a snow angel out of sprinkles, the same sprinkles from the bath scene. To create an easy display that children will love.

“Candy” Necklace

Make a “candy” necklace out of cereal for your elf to wear. Leave out the items so your children can make a matching necklace – a fun and colorful activity

Brush Your Teeth Reminder elf

Have your elf remind your children to brush their teeth. Leaving a friendly reminder in the bathroom, it’s a great way to kickstart their day.

Sick Elf

Elf On The Shelf

Stick a tissue on your elf’s nose and surround him with crumpled-up tissues. To clarify, it’s a relatable scene for toddlers and young children.

Messy Bathroom Fun

Making a small elf-sized mess with toilet paper in the bathroom is a favorite pastime for most kids. Moreover, it’s an easy cleanup for parents.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Children 6 Years and Up

Don’t forget Elf can call Santa

Ducks Everywhere

Elf On The Shelf

Set up a scene where your elf is involved in a duck-themed activity. Alternatively, simply scatter mini rubber ducks around the area. Extra points if the duck scene is not in the bathroom.


Photo: Christi Young

Set up a board game with the elves and their friends. Either use an unfinished game and have the elf taker over or get a game ready for everyone to play the next day.

The Elf Got Lunch Ready


Pose your elf in a scene involving their lunch. Create a scene where the elf has prepared their lunches for them, ready for their day. In this case, involve the kids by letting them choose what the elf “packed” for them.

Perfect vantage point

Elf On The Shelf
Come Together, Kids

Place your elf at the highest point to give it the best vantage point to see all that is going on.

Elf On The Shelf

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