Spring Arts and Crafts: Sustainable DIY Decor

Spring Arts and Crafts: Sustainable DIY Decor

Enjoy creative and eco-friendly Spring Arts and Crafts ideas. Join us as we explore innovative ways to bring the beauty of the season into your home through handmade creations that not only celebrate the spirit of spring but also contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Crafting your decor not only adds a personal touch but also ensures a cohesive color palette or style that seamlessly ties together your seasonal home decor

Explore DIY projects that combine creativity and eco-consciousness principles, allowing you to craft a home filled with creativity and sustainability.

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DIY boho wall hanging

Enhance your home with a Boho-style wall hanging using spring colors and wooden beads for a fresh touch. Varying yarn textures, thicknesses, and lengths create visual interest and seamlessly integrate with existing decor. Explore your local thrift shop for vintage-inspired yarn, ribbon, or fabric strips.

spring art

spring arts and crafts

Art some art to your wall with this delightful and personalized spring-inspired wall art. All you need is a canvas of any size, paint, and plastic bottles. Simply draw branches and craft flowers using the bottom of the bottle. To effortlessly create a piece of art that serves as a charming addition to your spring decor.

Pom-Pom Garland

Pom pom garlands are great items for seasonal decor due to their festive and fun nature. They bring a cheerful and playful touch to holiday decorations, for a spring garland source pastel-colored felt or pre-maid pom poms. Additionally, they are reusable and paired well with other spring and easter decor items, making them versatile for different holiday themes and settings.

Lemon Slice Garland spring

Create an eco-friendly, long-lasting decoration for spring and summer by hanging a citrus garland in front of your window or from your mantle. Not only will it add a fresh and fun vibe to your home, but it will also infuse a delightful citrus smell.

To create this garland thinly slice lemons or any citrus you have available. Dry them in a dehydrator or oven. Thread with wooden beads to finish this cute and fun garland.

Fabric Scrap Bunting

Give your home a fun spring pop of color with bunting. Use Scrap fabric or old sheets to create bunting that fits perfectly with your home.
If you have a sewing machine, We Are The Fabric Store has a fantastic and easy-to-follow tutorial. However, no-sew bunting is a fun and easy spring arts and crafts activity, buy knotting strips of scrap fabric on yarn or ribbon. And Voila you have Bunting.

lazy Susan with wooden beads

Give a lazy susan a spring farmhouse upgrade with wooden beads. This cute DIY can be continued in other seasons by changing the items decorating the top.

To craft this paint wooden half balls with chalk paint to match the lazy susan then glue the painted balls along the perimeter.

Felt Flower Pillow Covers

These felt flower cushions are a colorful way to bring fun spring decor into your home. Find neutral-toned cushion covers or look at your local thrift store for plan cushions to upcycle. Change the colors depending on your color palette and admire them every time you sit down.

Champagne and Sugarplums have a great tutorial to create this fun pillowcase.

Diy Spring Branches

Spring branches give your space a wonderful spring feel, especially after a frosty winter. They can be found out and about in nature but are very easy to DIY. Place your finished branches in vintage-style colored bottles or jars to create a beautiful display.

To create these spring branches: Use a bouquet of artificial hydrangeas or any flowers you have available.
Collect sticks and small branches.
Separate the flowers and petals, then pinch the petal’s bottom, apply hot glue, and attach it to the stick at your preferred spot.

Wind Chimes

Windchimes are beautiful additions to a porch or window. Diy your own with glass beads,a repurposed old windchime, and a fishing line. these would look stunning in an open window while flooding your space with colored light.

Teacup Candles


Elevate your tablescape and living room with tiny cute teacup candles. Visit thrift stores and collect teacups for this affordable spring arts and crafts.

To make Teacup Candles: Pour the melted wax into prepared teacups, leaving a ½-inch space from the lip. Let it cool for 4-6 hours. Trim wicks to 1 inch and your handmade teacup candles are ready to be gifted.

To add a scent: When the wax reaches 185°F (85°C). Once it hits the temperature, incorporate 1 oz (28 g) of fragrance oil, then remove the pitcher from heat. Gently stir for 1-2 minutes to let the fragrance bind with the wax.

Wrapped Candles

Bring a spring flair to your candles with this cute spring-inspired decor idea.

Opt for flameless or jar candles for the best and safest results. Wrap them in spring-printed paper, trimming them to fit. This easy yet stylish DIY creates a beautiful ambiance. Plus, you can change the paper with the seasons or select one that suits your style.

teacup topiary

Using teacups to design a mini topiary for an adorable decor this spring.

Bring greenery to your home this spring with topiary throughout your home. Although traditional Topiary is created by training and clipping shrubs to give it a defined shape. The DIY option is easily done and looks beautiful.

Tin Can Planters

With paper and Mod Podge or spray paint, you can create these fabulous spring-themed planters. Display succulents or herbs on your window sill to bring spring into your home a bit earlier.

Bring your spring arts and crafts creations together in your space by using the paper from your candle wrapping DIY.

Things to remember:
Use outdoor water and rust-resistant spray paints to help the planters last longer.
Create holes in the bottom, alternatively, fill the bottom with clay beads and find little nursery pots to place inside the planters.

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create window privacy with plants

Twine-Wrapped Flower Pots

Create twine-wrapped pots for versatile and cute spring arts and crafts. Perfect for any season, they add a touch of nature and a vibrant pop of color to tables or mantels.

Glass Jars Terrariums

Lovely Greens

Not only are terrariums a fun activity but they look beautiful and fit perfectly into a Boho or Rustic style home. To bring even more spring flair to the greenery add some mini toadstools or eggs for easter.

Lovely Greens has a terrific post on how to create a terrarium.

Create a Spring-Inspired Tablescape

Put together a charming spring-themed centerpiece or tablescape to display all your spring arts and crafts creations. Proudly display the cute decor items you’ve made, that are both stunning and eco-conscious.

Your design will look wonderful in your space as they have been curated by you to fit within your home. Pair your projects with light-colored dishes and any additional spring elements to bring the whole table together.

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