Easter Day: Practical Easter Baskets Ideas

Easter Day: Practical Easter Baskets Ideas

This post has 15 Practical Easter Basket Ideas For Easter Day.

Whether opting for eco-friendly or trendy items, the key is tailoring the basket to the recipient’s interests.

Crafting these gifts by hand adds a personal touch that the store-bought baskets can’t replicate.

Using materials like felt, paper, and repurposed items, you can drastically reduce not only the cost but any waste

When filling the baskets focus on including items that bring joy.

Let’s look at some easter basket ideas for everyone from toddlers to teens and parents to grandparents.

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Amazon Basket Fillers For Under $10

Discover 100s of options for your easter basket this year from Amazon for under $10

Easter Basket Fillers That won’t end up the Trash

This list of non-candy easter basket items gives you many options to design a basket that creates little to no waste

Candy Options For Easter Day

Find the perfect candy for any style of easter basket.

Easter Baskets To Suprise The Kids on Easter Day

A New Pair Of Boots

easter day
Photo: Diy Bunker

Surprise a little one with rain boots ready for rainy spring days.

Fill the boots with fun items such as bubble tubes. Buying bubble solution in bulk means that when the tube runs out you can refill it.

Consider using shredded newspaper instead of buying shredded green paper.

Basket Out Of Maps

Source: HGTV

Weave old maps into baskets as an activity before the easter day.

Fill with candy or use these baskets for the easter egg hunt.

Get the tutorial here at HGTV

A No Extra Candy On Easter Day

Soft toys in a fabric or soft basket make a great no-candy option for an easter basket.

An Easter Basket Made Of Toys

Although this example is for a toddler-aged child, this idea could be easily re-created to fit an older child.

For an environmentally friendly option head to the thrift store, which always has trucks and toys available.

Repurposing either a terracotta or plastic pot is a great eco-friendly option.

Fill the pot with shredded newspaper and include a seed packet to grow in the pot after easter.

Special Gift For Easter Day For The Adults

Most adults can find a purpose for a basket of any kind.

Therefore fill a basket that would best suit them and fill it with their favorite things.

Comfy Night In Lover Basket

Gives those who enjoy a comfy night in a basket of cozy things. Include the ingredients for Hot Chocolate with or without Baileys and a fluffy blanket.

Easter Day Gardening

Perfect for a gardener or farmhouse styler lover.

This basket is the perfect spring-themed with a practical basket.

Charcuterie Basket

easter day

Place all the fillings for a wine and cheese board in a basket as a terrific easter day gift.

Wooden Crate For Memories

easter day

Perfect idea for an adventure lover as well as a memory maker. Fill a wooden crate with items to help them keep memories of their adventures.

Easter Basket For Coffee Lover

easter day

A basket such as this one is easy to put an eco-responsible spin on it.

Choose their favorite coffee or surprise them with a fair trade or local coffee.

Combine that with a homebaked brownie or cake and a thermos cup for the perfect gift for easter day.

Even Tween And Teens Will Love These Surprises On Easter Day

Self-Care And Favourite Things

easter day

Find a basket that they could use in their room and fill it will their favorite self-care items. From their favorite scents to their favorite snacks.

Snack Basket

easter day

Create a snack basket or tote bag full of their favorite or new candies.

For the Budding Artist

easter day

There is nothing a budding artist would love more than a basket full of art supplies.

Fill a basket or box with their favorite medium and maybe throw in a new one for a challenge.

Easter Basket Fillers For Teens & Tweens

Baskets For The Whole Family

Ready For Summer On Easter Day

easter day

A basket, a cool box, or a picnic basket with beach fun items in preparation for summer.

Gift Card Basket

easter day

A gift card bouquet is a wonderful alternative to an easter basket.

Easter Basket Fillers For The Family

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