Small Bathroom Wall Storage To Maximise Space In A Tiny Bathroom

Small Bathroom Wall Storage To Maximise Space In A Tiny Bathroom

This guide to small bathroom wall storage is here to turn your compact space into a space perfect for you.

We will explore innovative ways to utilize vertical real estate, budget, and DIY ideas as well as beautiful pieces that are both functional and stylish.

During the struggle for storage, it can be difficult to be stylish as well as organized. Let’s look at some bathroom ideas that not only maximize space but also ooze style.

Small Bathroom Wall Storage

Join us as we unpack creative storage solutions that will not only keep your essentials within arm’s reach but also add a touch of flair to your petite bathroom.

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Small Bathroom Wall Storage – Use A Narrow Floating Shelf

Not only does a narrow shelf give you additional storage, but a narrow shelf will fit even in the smallest bathroom. 2 Small Bathroom Shelves Set of 4

Disguise Storage As Art

This Diy small cabinet is a great idea for storage but also doubles beautifully as art.

Build a Ledge Small

This a great idea when you are renovating your bathroom and looking for a way to maximize your storage

This Post will give you more renovation ideas: Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Tiny Space Maximum Style

Small Bathroom Wall Storage – A magnetic Stip Next To The Vanity

Do away with the little bits and pieces from bobby pins to nail files cluttering your vanity or drawers, and instead, use a magnetic strip to easily store them.

Store Your Hot Tools In A Wire Basket

Either on the wall or on the side of your vanity utilize this unused space by storing hot tools in a wire basket. Can also be used for razors and any often-used tool.

Bookshelf in The Bathroom Small Bathroom Wall Storage

Bang On Style

Great for renters, a leaning bookshelf as storage is an idea that requires no drilling. Additionally, you can personalize the space by adding baskets and trinkets to the shelf.

Also available are laundry basket and shelf combos, check out this post with 30 different laundry basket options to best fit your space.

Small Bathroom Wall Storage – Ladder Towel Rack

Photo: Sarah Hebenstreit / Modern Kids Co.. Design: Regan Baker.

Widely available are ladder towel racks, leaning them next to or over a radiator to try your towels quickly.

A Niche In Your Wall

Photo: Regan Wood. Design: Allison Lind.

Find a space in your small bathroom to create a niche. Furthermore, whether you choose premade floating shelves or decide on a DIY project, you can customize the shelves to your style and needs.

Check out: Space-Saving Solutions: Mastering Between-the-Studs Storage for Every Room

Custom Shelves

Small Bathroom Wall Storage
Photo: Wanda Ely Architect, Inc.; Scott Norsworthy

Use any awkward or seemingly unusable space, and install a floating shelf in that area. Additionally, it is easy to customize and install according to your needs.

Small Bathroom Wall Storage – Rails And Baskets

Photo: IKEA U.S.

Use rails and baskets to design the perfect wall storage. Ikea has the best range of storage systems specifically for a small bathroom and these use suction cups to adhere to the wall.

Multi-Purpose Wall Storage

Photo: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images. Design: Fixer Upper.

Choose multipurpose wall storage, such as shelves and hooks. For storage and hanging towels.

Shower Caddies

Photo: Jennifer Boomer/Getty Images. Design: Fixer Upper.

Reimagine shower caddies into wall storage throughout your bathroom. Moreover, they come in a multitude of styles and can be secured with or without screws.

Small Bathroom Wall Storage – Double Hooks

Photo: Robert Peterson, Rustic White Photography. Design: Brian Patrick Flynn

Two is better than one, particularly with hooks. Opt for a double hook to increase the number of towels that can be hung, especially if limited in wall space. Double hooks or school hooks are very easy to find at home goods stores, thrift store,s and vintage stores.

Diy Organizer

Photo: DIY Playbook

Not only is this DIy organizer easy to make but it is a wonderful space-saving solution. Wood, mason jars, and hose clamps are all that are needed to build this.

Vintage Peg Rails

Photo: Jessica Jackson; Design By: Content + Company

Vintage peg rails are beautiful and work with most styles. They look beautiful within a farmhouse or boho aesthetic but also work well mixed with modern elements.

Small Bathroom Wall Storage – Swivel Towel Holder

A stylish way to upgrade your towel rack without sacrificing floor or wall space.

Blanket Rack

John Keeble/ Moment via Getty Images

A blanket or towel rack is an easy, renter-friendly option. Storage your towels against the wall with the slim design of the rack. Additionally, they are great for renters, as 3M hooks can easily hold the rack up.

Corner Shelves

Snag some extra storage by utilizing the corners, with corner shelving. ND RongFeng Bamboo Corner Shelf 

Dont Forget About Over The Door

Rob Melnychuk/ DigitalVision via Getty Images

Use the space over your door to store bathroom or household items that are used the least. In addition, consider storing overflow toilet paper and extra towels. To make use of this space, create a built-in style shelving surrounding the doorway.

Creative With Hooks


Not only is this wall of button hooks a stylish storage solution but these no-drill hooks are easy to install and a great renter-friendly wall storage.

Small Bathroom Wall Storage

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