3 Halloween Decor Ideas Under $15 Perfect For Apartments and Townhouses

3 Halloween Decor Ideas Under $15 Perfect For Apartments and Townhouses

Apartment-friendly Halloween decor can be as extravagant or as simple as you or your budget likes. Here are some affordable Halloween and Fall decor items to mix, match, and create your perfect aesthetic.

A Front porch or small suburban yard is not always necessary if you want to decorate for the outdoors. A balcony or a window will have the same effect.

Window Displays Are Perfect for Halloween Themes

Cobwebs strung between window corners, cardboard or vinyl bats, and spiders stuck to your window. It will give a spooky but also discreet visual from the outside. Add string lights from Christmas decorations to give your window an eerie glow.

Create a scene in your windows by combining window vinyl packs to crate a Halloween visual of witches over a cauldron or monsters looking through your window.

Pumpkins Can Match Any Halloween Or Fall Aesthetic.

Ceramic pumpkins, Real pumpkins, and Fabric Pumpkins can be displayed for Halloween and Fall decorations.

Place on your window sill, outside on a balcony or porch, or leading guests up your stairs. Pumpkins while simple and easy to get can give a classy and discreet element to your Halloween or Fall Decorations.

More affordable options are ceramic, plastic, or fabric as they can be packed away each year to be used again for the next season.

Faux Harvest Pumpkins: Amazon.com
Foam and Fabric Pumpkins: Amazon.com
Large Ceramic Pumpkin: Amazon.com
Citrouilles Mini: Amazon.fr
Citrouilles Tissus: Amazon.fr
Citrouille Grande: Amazon.fr

Creating a “Scene”

Adding some spooky Halloween accents to your outside area by adding some easy and affordable decorations.

For a gory addition to your front throw your fall assortments of pumpkins straight into Halloween decorations by adding floor stickers.

Using your yard or the railings of your balcony to prepare your home for Halloween adds another dimension to your scene.

Halloween is a wonderful time to let your creativity flow and create some spooky Halloween displays for yourself and your neighbors to enjoy.

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